Hi! My name is Jasmin (as you’ve probably figured out). I am a ☉ Taurus ↗️ Leo ☽ Taurus, and I design. I design lots of things with lots of people, hence the ‚multidisciplinary’! The outcomes vary in shape, technique and material. Curiosity is what drives me in my work.


↘ Personal branding and design supervision for womxn-lead businesses, artists, crafters, ethical brands & start-ups with sustainable visions.

↘ Textile design & production for products,  photoshoots or other fun projects.

↘ Visual concepts & storytelling for your brand or project.

↘ Relaxed coffee dates where we talk about upcycling ideas, our favorite design furniture, dogs (<3) or the most exciting exhibition in town.


*04/1993: Europe
↘ 2012: HTL Bau & Kunst

↘ 2013-2016: graphic designer in diff. agencies
↘ 2016: Berlin!
↘ in 2017: freelance
↘ from 2017: weissensee Kunsthochschule Berlin textile- and surface design
↘ 2020: Otto 🐶



↘ Vierkant_ Möbel + Objekte
↘ Alina Albertine _ Illustrator
↘ Lukas Goldschmidt_ Photographer
↘ Margherita Sgorbissa_ This Fair Force
↘ Tanja Vogt_ Texting Studio
↘ Hannah Philomena Scheiber_ Artist & Ceramics
↘ Eva Schnarrenberger_ Creative Consultant
↘ Nico Deisenberger_Motion Graphics & Interface Designer