Studio Jasmin Sermonet Textile Design + Material Prototyping

Croshield, 2022/23

Recycled Waste Yarn
Yarn Design for BOI x Studio HILO

Human Hair Yarn @ Studio HILO, 2022

Living Textiles, 2021-22

Fancy Yarns made of Recycled Cellulose @ Studio HILO, 2022

Reflections + Recaps

I am Jasmin Sermonet and I am a textile + surface designer based in Berlin.
As a handcraft oriented designer my curiousity for simple textile processes developed into a passion for building tools that allow to prototype textiles with unusual and new materials.

Driven by the problematics of human-made waste, e.g. in fashion, my goal as a designer is to push the boundaries of recycled materials, their aestethics and current use.



Printables: @yarngiirl
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